Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Made It!

I'm linking up today with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics to show you something I made this week. It's a present for my fabulous teammates as a welcome back gift. (If you know my teammates personally, SHHH, don't tell them they have gifts coming.) It's a sticky note holder.

I used a 5x7 acrylic frame, a piece of white cardstock, a polka dot pattern from Powerpoint, a free border from Krista of Creative Clips, a tag shaped punch, a black pen (to write "Take Note"), a pack of sticky notes, and a glue gun. I didn't use the glue gun at first. I tried just sticking the sticky notes on the frame, but they came off when I tried to pull a page. It's on there now. I hope when we run out of the first notepad that it won't be too hard to put on a new one. I'm counting on the fact that as a low temp glue it hasn't melted the acrylic, and the glue will just pull off cleanly. If you've made something like this, let me know how you attached the notepad.

Here's a pic of sticky note holders for the whole team. I want to do something special for my fabulous first grade teachers each day our first official week back. I have a few ideas I'll post about as they get done, but I could use a few more ideas. Let me know if you've given or received something useful (and inexpensive!) that I could do.

I also need to give a big shout-out to my friend, Megan, at I Teach. What's Your Superpower? and her Blog Baby Blog section. She has compiled a great collection of helpful things to know as you get started blogging, and it has been an invaluable resource to me. Thank you!


  1. One of my teaching buddies gave all of us a sticky note holder too. I love mine! :)

    Read With Me ABC

  2. What great gifts! Your coworkers will love these!

    Seconds at the Beach

  3. Cute idea! What a nice teammate you are! They are going to really love them!

    Laura ~ First Grade Spies