Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

Not that I can believe it's September already, but it must be because it's time for a Currently link up.

listening: The NFL regular season needs to start soon. My son is watching last year's Super Bowl--and it doesn't even have the good commercials!

loving: We've finished our first week. My new bunch is a larger class than last year, but they are precious! Can't wait to get to know everyone better.

thinking: As I always do at the start of the year, I have great expectations for my growth as a teacher. This is the year I stay ahead of my piles.

wanting: It's too easy to get distracted by what is urgent. I want to remember to focus on the growth of my students and me as a professional.

needing: I need to send in feedback for next year's calendar when it's asked for during second semester. Five full days the first week is just a lot to expect of teachers, students, and families in 95-100 degree heat.

Love myself: I did a great job losing weight during the first half of 2013. 40 pounds! Over the summer, I did a great job of maintaining. Now, I need to get back to tracking my food and activity so I can reach my goal weight. I ordered Debbie Diller's small groups book, and I need to make time to read it. I loved her math stations book, and I hope to get as much out of this one. Lastly, I'd love to make time for two date nights with my husband this month.

Hope your Labor Day has been labor-free!